Thirtyone50 Management

Thirtyone50 Management is a real estate property management company with a vision to help individuals and communities thrive and reach their full potential. We do this in collaboration with a network of partners who share our vision and who possess exceptional insight and expertise. Together, we develop and operate affordable and beautiful homes designed to meet the local needs of each community we serve.

Our Core

At the core of our beliefs is the notion that a home is not just a structure comprised of four walls and a roof, but rather, a place where one can experience something that every person is entitled to, the fullness of life. We aim to foster an environment that offers:


Where one can rest, gather with family and friends, play, learn, and thrive. Where residents can live in harmony with their surroundings and members of the community, made possible with homes that are affordable, safe, sustainable, and conducive to neighborhood and family life.


Thirtyone50 extends its vision to help people live their best self and to grow and thrive by offering wellness, education and recreation programs, designed to meet the unique needs of residents and community members.


We aim to create places of joy so that this happiness becomes commonplace. The thoughtfully crafted living spaces blended with our community programs and services support joyfulness, which may come from knowing that the core elements of happiness are right at home.
Peace, dignity and joy are important to experiencing the fullness of life. And this fullness of life is essential to Wellbeing, which is what we strive to offer our residents and the broader communities of which they a part.

Connecting Homes to Community

The family is our unit of measure for managing thriving communities. By creating a sense of home, we initiate social renewal that radiates out to our neighborhoods, and into the community beyond. We start with individual residential units, making each unit less anonymous and healthier through smart and targeted programs and operations. We increase the sense of ownership with family, neighborhood, and community gatherings. We look for ways to create neighborhoods that feel more intimate and connected versus large and anonymous.

Our Success is Achieved Through Collaboration

Thirtyone50 Management recognizes the importance of the many stakeholders with various ideas on the optimal approach, delivery, and operation of affordable homes. We recognize the importance of being a good listener. As owners, we are influenced by every side of the circle of stakeholders. Our mission demands a constant cycle of planning, implementing and assessing. And in this process, we recognize the necessity of others.

We are thankful for our stakeholders who are essential to our success, and as we grow, we continue to seek partners who share our vision and passion for creating homes, places of wellbeing.

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What We Offer

We provide comprehensive property management services including property acquisition, rental brokerage, leasing management, asset management, investment management, compliance management, maintenance, and onsite property management. Our resident support services include nutritional and wellness classes, educational tutoring, and resume and job-related workshops. All services are offered to advance the personal, academic and career aspects of the lives or our residents.

ThirtyOne50 is an experienced firm in the management of Section 42 Low-income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties. The principal’s involvement in the Housing Credit program began in the 1970s. Our portfolio includes multifamily housing for families and seniors. Currently the company is serving over 7,000 households. Additionally, we provide compliance-monitoring services through audits, file repair, and training to owners, managers and equity investors. Our clients include companies with large portfolios that recognize the value of our level of expertise and experience to meet their needs. We have corporate offices in both California and Hawaii with a staff of professionals with an average of ten years’ experience specializing in various disciplines related to the management of affordable housing.